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We are determined to make a positive impact upon the world by creating an atmosphere where all individuals and families can grow and flourish and discover God’s plan for their lives.

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Reverend Dr. Chris  A. Burney

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Church was founded in June 1881; it moved to its current location at 5820 North Monroe Street in the early 1900’s under the direction of Elder D. Garland and had 17 members.  In 1942 Elder Sandy Parremore became pastor.  Being an energetic pastor, his leadership was instrumental in the church growth during his tenure.  He served until his health failed in 1942.


In 1942, Elder J.W. Burgess was elected as pastor.  During his tenure, from 1942-1946, he organized the first Usher Board in 1943.  Elder Wallace Sanders was elected as pastor from 1946-1953.  The congregation consisted of 49 members.


Elder Gus Hill became pastor of Saint Mark Primitive Baptist Church in 1953.  There were 51 members when he departed the church.  Upon Elder Gus Hill leaving on January 31, 1958, Reverend Early Mann was elected as pastor.  During his tenure, the church membership made great strides in membership and financially.


Elder Matthew Balkman was installed in 1971. In 1991 it was deemed that the church building no longer met the needs of the congregation.  A new facility was constructed, and the church was dedicated on March 1, 1992.  Numerous auxiliaries were created under Elder Balkman’s leadership including the Outreach Ministry, Mother Board #2 and the Youth Choir.  Elder Balkman served diligently for 32 years until his retirement, bringing many souls to Christ.  In September 2003, Reverend Felix Diggs served as pastor-elect for 4 months.


In January 2004, our current pastor, Reverend Dr. Chris A. Burney, was called to the church and was installed as pastor in August.  Under Reverend Burney’s leadership, the church name was changed to the Greater Saint Mark Primitive Baptist Church, 4 new Deacons have been ordained and 17 new Mothers have been installed. Bible Study is now held weekly, a church van and bus were purchased, renovations have been made to the sanctuary, the fellowship hall has been expanded and a baptism pool has been installed. Several auxiliaries have been added, the church has a mass choir, and membership has grown to over 250.  Most importantly, the word of God is preached every Sunday and is available for all who seek Him.


With God as our head, we strive to continue to grow and meet the spiritual needs of those in the community.



The Greater Saint Mark Primitive Baptist Church will be the Christ-Centered church that Promotes and Participates in Kingdom Building.



The Greater Saint Mark Primitive Baptist Church will increase the Kingdom of God through Fellowship, Leadership, Ownership and Worship.



The purpose of the Greater Saint Mark Primitive Baptist Church is to Worship, Witness and Work as believers in the body of Christ.


For as much as Almighty God has been pleased to call us out of darkness into his light, and having been baptized upon a profession of faith in Christ Jesus, and having given ourselves to the Lord and one another, in a Gospel Church way, to be governed and guided by a proper discipline agreeable to the word of God: we do Covenant together by the help of God to keep up the discipline of the Church of which we are members in brotherly affection toward each other, to watch over one another, and, if need be, in the tender, and affectionate manner, to reprove one another. We also agree with God’s assistance to attend our Church meetings, and not absent ourselves from the Communion of the Lord’s Supper without a lawful reason. These things we do Covenant and agree to observe and keep sacred in the name of, and by the assistance of God.



We Believe in Sovereign Grace


Belief in the doctrines of grace distinguishes the Primitive Baptist churches. We believe that the work of saving sinners for heaven is God’s from start to finish. This work has not been given to the individual, educational institutions, the home, or even the church.


Sovereign grace refers to God’s initiative in eternal salvation, moving toward man to bestow this gift. Sovereign means that, as ruler of the universe He created, God is in absolute control of the work of salvation. Nothing can thwart God’s purpose; there are no external limitations upon His power. Grace means unmerited favor; God saves because it is His sovereign pleasure to do so and not because any word or deed of man obligates God in any way. The following pillars of truth uphold our position.